Parexa enables its customers to find a new path to success.

Our Mission: Consulting par excellence

Parexa is a boutique management consultancy company. We provide our customers with full life-cycle support on organizational changes. By focussing on performance and content our clients are convinced of our value. We can negotiate our way across uncharted terrains; we do not follow the masses; we make our own pathways to success be delivering sustainable solutions matched to specific customer requirements.

Sustainability is based on true values.

Content, quality and professionalism are our guiding principles. We keep our word, and even if our track record is impressive, we remain grounded. To continue to achieve long-lasting success for our customers, we do not rest on our laurels. Symbiotic collaboration between the customer and Parexa enables the delivery of outstanding, value-added and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Competence is the key to success.

For our customers, our consultants unique blend of business and IT knowledge, combined with extensive project experience make then the ideal partners. Many of our clients utilise our expertise to assume leadership roles with projects and programs.
With our guiding themes of ‘Experience with Intellect’ and ‘Knowledge with Curiosity’ Parexa is the right partner to solve complex problems on organizational changes. Parexa’s own growth is driven by constantly striving to improve. Standing still is taking a step backwards.

Parexa’s customers are ambitious and demanding.

Our key clients are market leaders in their own disciplines. They look to us to provide independent and result oriented consultancy.